High quality residential and day services for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Our Aims and Objectives

Our Ethos
To create a homely and supportive environment for staff, residents and relatives. Encouraging all to achieve their goals and continue to develop their skills and knowledge. To have an open and honest culture, learning from our mistakes and striving to constantly improve our service and practice.

Aims and Objectives
Our aims and objectives describe the core values of our company, how we support our residents and staff. They are reviewed by the owners and managers on a regular basis and annual business plans describe how the aims and objectives are implemented each year.

A wide range of feedback is actively sought and incorporated into our plans. All of our staff are familiar with our values and are supported to implement them on a day to day basis.

Our Aims and Objectives are:
To provide high quality, person centered support.
To provide a safe and homely environment.
To be an employer of choice.
To encourage feedback and promote improvement.

The following is how we achieve our aims and objectives:

To provide high quality, person centered support.
To ensure support is both personal and dignified and promotes independence and well-being, by a formal assessment, well trained staff and use of keyworkers.
To ensure all residents have a comprehensive support plan, regularly up-dated by keyworkers, management, family and professionals.
To ensure all staff are well trained and highly motivated to provide high quality support, through induction, supervision and access to training.
To ensure all staff are able to communicate effectively with all our residents, by learning individual’s needs and communication preferences.
To provide all residents with access to a wide range of stimulating activities by considering their choices, ability, physical and mental needs and goals.

To provide a safe homely environment.
To ensure the building and equipment are safe, clean and well maintained, by regular inspections and feedback from residents, staff and relatives.
To provide the specialist equipment required to meet our resident’s needs, by assessing on-going changes and needs.
To ensure the building meets the physical and mental needs of the residents by gaining feedback from residents, staff and relatives.
To continue to invest in maintaining and improving buildings and grounds through efficient allocation of budget.

To be an employer of choice
To follow a robust recruitment and retention policy by timely and effective processes.
To offer new staff a comprehensive induction to Health and Social care, the home and company ethos.
To provide access and encourage engagement in, ongoing training and development, to ensure new knowledge and skills are actively transferred to the work place.
To provide staff with coaching, mentoring and supervision in an open and inclusive environment to support positive development, self-awareness, knowledge, skills, good practice and team work.
To provide clear leadership and management through good communication, clear direction, positive role modelling, open and honest ethos, using mistakes to improve our service, understanding the needs of the residents and staff, recognising and promoting people’s skills and strengths, recognising and rewarding achievements and hard work.
To promote team work by having regular meetings, supervisions, understanding others roles, respecting each other, having a fair, equal and professional working environment, ensuring people feel valued and listened too.

To encourage feedback and promote positive improvements to the service.
To promote our ethos of high quality person centred support, by activity encouraging feedback from residents, staff, relatives and external professionals.
To be an open, approachable service able to respond to feedback and make positive changes.
To respond in a timely manner to concerns and complaints in an open and honest way.
To regularly monitor the quality of the support provided by quality monitoring, Regulation 17 visits, team meetings, observation and assessment.